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Functionality and purpose of 9to5.click application

9to5.click operates from a desktop and phone application with the purpose of saving time. The phone application tracks the employee’s working hours via a check-in, check-out system attached to a specific WiFi. It also shows the user’s GPS location at the moment of check-in. The desktop application, which is only designed to be accessed by the manager, tracks the working hours of all his employees through an easy-to-understand interface. The manager can: READ MORE ABOUT THE ADVANTAGES HERE











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    Why Do You Need Timekeeping Apps/ Software


    Keep a track on your employees hours


    Check in or out on specific location only


    Have an insight on overloaded departments

    The first reason why a lot of employers have upgraded to digital timekeeper is to prevent time theft. It’s a situation in which an employer pays an employee for the amount of time that he/she didn’t  work. We all know time is money and many institutions and business owners often spend extra money because of time theft. Which happens out of carelessness or sometimes intentionally. There are situations when employees reach 10 minutes late but mark it 5 minutes earlier when done manually. Time theft might be acceptable once or twice but all the 10 minutes eventually adds up to 60 minutes. Then the employer will have to pay for 1 hour of work which was never done by them.

    Benefits of Timekeeping App


    Timekeeping software and apps are efficient because it will integrate with all the accounting records. It is accurate and can be easily read by any accountant, preventing errors while calculating hours and seconds.


    Since they keep such specific records that cannot be tempered by anyone, you will have evidence to justify any actions towards your employees.


    Timekeepers can give you a clearer idea about the work ethics of the whole team, helping you make decisions on better work culture management and where the company can make improvements and changes.


    Reasonable goals are a great way to motivate any team the data provided by the timekeeper can help you set goals within a timeframe for your team to focus.


    Timekeeper can also show you how much time each person is spending on a task instead of just showing the history of their daily routine. The management team can use this information as a base for any changes.


    Since timekeeping software and apps give you precise information on the efficiency, effectiveness and value of the workforce, it automatically gives you analytic functionality.

    These free timekeeping software and timekeeping apps consequently make it less complicated to review and edit every input on the business institutions. Track working hours and expenses so that each second of your time is spent constructively by everyone.