9to5.click offers managers of small to middle companies having more insight on employee attendance and saving time. It works with one to no clicks at all.

About 9to5.click software.


Create schedules for multiple departments or groups.

Check in/out

Let your employee check in and check out manually or fully automatic.

Hours worked

Get a total insight on hours performed past week or month(s).

Request a leave

Let your employee request a leave on overdue hours.

Safe your expensive time.

With this app, the manager can save many hours by keeping track of his employees’ work time with ease. Also the employees save time by not having to overwork, or by overworking and asking for a day off later.

All in all, the app also works very well with businesses that have flexible working hours, and with business that require strict on-time working hours.


Features of 9to5.click.

⏳ Create groups that can each hold a different schedule.
⏳ Create schedules, which his employees can see on the app and follow.
⏳ See who is currently working or not, and see who has worked overtime.
⏳ Minimize your administration time
⏳ Full report of employee or department
⏳ Insight on overloaded departments
⏳ Connection to other softwares
⏳ Clock in and out based on a GPS location

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