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Question and Answers.


Find the answers to your questions. If you are not able to find your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can do so by:
– Filling in the contact form
– Using the web chat
– Send an email to q@9to5.click
– Skype
– WhatsApp

Please follow this link: https://my.9to5.click/Account/Register

Fill in your “Company and Manager” information.

After you have done so, please continue with the “Complete Registration” part.
WiFi name (SSID)” We need your WIFI name (the exact name as you see it in your wifi search tab) in order to let your employee to check in or check out through WIFI and confirm the required location.
Office Address” The office address (or name) is required for those who do not use the local WIFI. Your location will be confirmed through GPS location.

“Create Group”
Please name your first group. (For example: Sales department)
If this is the first time you are creating a group, you are required to setup a schedule for the created group. Press on “Create schedule” and give this schedule also a name. For example, ‘Sales department – 1st half’. Then fill in the working hours and the break. Please keep in mind, the working hours will be excluding break. Do not fill in the break if your employee gets paid during the break.

“Add Employee”
Add employee to the created group. First/last name and (corporate) email address. Checkmark “Send an invitation email’ button and complete by clicking on the “Create employee” button.
An invitation email has been sent to your employee. He or she will receive an email with the password and a iOS/Android link to download the application. Username is his or her email address (the manager has filled in while adding an employee).

Please confirm your manager has created an account, group, schedule and invited you to use 9to5.click time keeper application.
As an employee you must have received an invitation email. (Please check your spam box if you did not)
In the invitation email (subject of the email: 9to5.click Invitation) you will find:
– A link to download the applications for iPhone/iPad called “Click here for iOS’
( You can use this link: https://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/9to5-click/id1167533247?l=en&mt=8 )
A link to download the applications for Android devices called “Click here for Android”
( You can use this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=dotcode.app9to5 )
-The password you can use to be able to login in your account on your application of your smartphone device.
Please keep in mind the username is your email address your manager has provided. (The same email address you received the invitation email).
After you have logged in successfully you will find the Worked Today/This Week/This Month section. The required hours are placed on the right. Fulfilled hours on the left.
In the middle of the display you see the (green) “Check In” button.

You are supposed to press on it every morning you arrive at work.
After you have done so, you will see the (red) “Check Out” button.

You are supposed to press on it every working day you leave your working place.
The moment you press on the button a location confirmation will be saved in the system. Do not worry, this information will only be visible to your manager and never to a third party. 
The location confirmation may be through the WIFI connection (if your device is connected to the work WIFI) or the GPS location (if your location is enabled for sharing on your device.)
Please make sure you allow one of the two possibilities to confirm your location during the Check in or Check out.
Please keep in mind, the location will be saved only the moment you press on the Check in or Check out button. Your location will never be asked or saved without your notice or under any other concerns.

In the menu above you will find your working schedule and the worked hours/days in the past.