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9to5.click offers managers of small to middle companies having more insight on employee attendance and saving time. It works with one to no clicks at all.


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Every entrepreneur knows that time is money. Managing it well is the key to organising and benefiting out of it. For optimum productivity, it is essential to know how much capital you are spending on time. And therefore how much capital goes wasted. Therefore make use of our timekeeper.

Timekeeping software and time-keeping apps are slowly emerging as the new technology in institutions and offices. In addition to manage time usage of employees better. Because there is a need for accountability and transparency in every work culture. Time tracking software has revolutionised functions and productivity in many workplaces.

Why Do You Need Timekeeper Apps/ Software

Time theft

The first reason why a lot of employers have upgraded to digital timekeeper is to prevent time theft. It is a situation in which an employer pays an employee for the amount of time that he/she did not work. We all know time is money and many institutions and business owners often spend extra money because of time theft. Which happens out of carelessness or sometimes intentionally.

Employees are late

There are situations when employees reach 10 minutes late but mark it 5 minutes earlier when done manually. Time theft might be acceptable once or twice but all the 10 minutes eventually adds up to 60 minutes and then the employer will have to pay for 1 hour of work which was never done by them.


Many business institutions still rely on the manual work of signing into a register with a pen/pencil. And this system is most susceptible to errors. Implementing an automated timekeeping system will eliminate employees’ guesswork when they sometimes forget to sign in or sign out of the workplace.

Unique identity

Having automated timekeeping software also prevents proxy attendance or “buddy punching”. Because the employees will have their personal and unique identity that only computers can accurately and reliably keep tracks of each employee throughout the day.

What is 9to5.click Timekeeper App

9to5.click is a mobile application that can help in managing small to medium-sized business. By providing a better overview and a clearer insight into employee attendance with a simple click of a button.


You will get full access to the exact time when your employee checks in and out of the workplace. When employees have the app and check in or out, the location will automatically be recorded into the site. As a result you will get information so that you can be confident that they are within the premises of the workplace.

The timekeeper will store each location, and the manager cannot alter them. So each one is held accountable for the time management.

Each account signed into the timekeeper will have a unique code that cannot be replicated by any other devices or individuals so there is an assurance that “buddy punching” will not be relevant.

Light as a feather

Space consumption may vary with devices, connections and app utilisation. The mobile app is about 11.36 MB which is much lesser than a person’s daily Whatsapp consumption.

Since there is no need to use the app continuously. Therefor the app consumes a very average percentage of your phone battery.

The exact amount of storage usage also varies for devices uses. And also the number of people you add into your account.


The data stored on the site will give you accurate audits anytime and place. This action does not require you to use papers and save the expense of calculating and screening time.

Managers of your choice can easy access stored information on our desktop manager.


Create schedules for multiple departments or groups.

Check in/out

Let your employee check in and check out manually or fully automatic.

Hours worked

Get a total insight on hours performed past week or month(s).

Request a leave

Let your employee request a leave on overdue hours.

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